LPoS Contracts

How to use LPoS contracts in your UI wallet

Creating a Contract

First, click on "Staking" in the left-hand menu, then "Leased staking" followed by "NEW LEASING CONTRACT"

New leasing contract screen

LPoS provider details: Can be set to anything you like.

Address that coins will be leased to for staking: Defines the external address allowed to stake the coins. This address is supplied by the merchant.

Contract description: Can be set to anything you like.

LPoS provider's fee: Amount of reward share allocated to the leasing merchant. This info is provided by the merchant.

Address for LPoS provider's fee: The merchant's address for their share of the stake reward when your contract successfully stakes. This address is supplied by the merchant.

Cancelling a Contract

At the bottom of the Leased Staking window, you'll find the active contracts list. Here, you can view details and cancel any of your LPoS contracts.

NOTE: Active contracts that have recently hit a stake will not show until those coins have matured (201 confirmations).

More Information

You can find a list of LPoS merchants or learn how to install your own cold staking server here: