Backup and Security

How to backup and secure your Flare mobile wallet

Backup and Recovery

The Flare mobile wallet uses a 12 word seed phrase that will be displayed once you first open/create your wallet. Simply write down the list of words and store them in a safe place. It is strongly recommended that you do not store them electronically. Without these words (and in the proper order), recovery is not possible.

These 12 words can recover your NIX wallet if used in any BIP32/39 compliant wallet that supports NIX.

To view your seed phrase at any time, tap "Settings" in the bottom menu bar, followed by "View Mnemonic".

NOTE: When restoring a seed phrase that includes multiple Flare accounts, your additional accounts will not show up until you re-create them.


Security on mobile devices include both device level security along with in-app security. All data (including metadata) is locally encrypted. Installing the app to a locked phone is highly recommended. Additionally, the app itself is further secured with a password. You can reset your Flare Mobile password by tapping on "Settings" in the bottom menu bar, followed by "Reset Password"