Installation and Updating

It's important to keep on top of wallet updates when operating nixd on a VPS. Wallet updates are often mandatory, but are usually released with a grace period of several days before the operator is required to update.

Important - if a wallet is not updated by the specified block, the node can become detached from the longest chain and a re-sync will be required. In this scenario, any resulting rewards/fees received on the forked chain are worthless.

Manual updating

Log into your VPS and use wget to download the latest version:


Unpack the file with:

tar -zxvf nix-3.0.9-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz

As the root user, install the binaries with:

cp nix-3.0.9/bin/* /usr/bin/

Cryptosharks Easy-Updater

If you used the auto-installer script from CryptoSharks, you'll need to use his auto-updater to bring your VPS up to date with the latest version. The update script itself needs to get updated so wait until it's ready.

Update the script with:

rm* wget -q

If used for staking, unlock with:

nix-cli walletpassphrase YOURWALLETPASSPHRASE 0 true

Finally, delete your bash history to remove your passphrase from both the history file and system memory.

history -c;history -w