Staking Issues

If the Discord info-bot gave you a time between stakes, please remember that this is only an estimate based on info available at that exact moment and can fluctuate wildly depending on changing network difficulty and a certain degree of luck, both good and bad.

Common reasons your wallet is not staking are..

Outdated wallet version

Check the NIX website or github repository to make sure you are running the latest version of the wallet.

Wallet is not properly sync'd

Compare your wallets block height with a blockchain explorer. If your wallet shows something different, re-sync your wallet.

Wallet is locked

You must unlock your wallet for staking and provide your encryption password to enable staking.

Wallet is not running

Your wallet must remain open and running to find new blocks. If you'd rather not keep it open, consider using an LPoS service.

Attempting to stake from an address that begins with G

Only addresses beginning with N or nix1 are eligible for staking. Further, only nix1 addresses are eligible for Governance Voting.

If for whatever reason these don't fix your issue, join the Discord server and ask in the public channels only for help. Do not respond to any DMs as scammers might try to trick you into giving them your funds!