Ghostnode Resync

Script Installs, e.g. CryptoSharks method:

systemctl stop NIX
rm -r ~/.nix/{blocks,chainstate,peers.dat,banlist.dat}
systemctl start NIX

Manual Installs:

nix-cli stop
rm -r ~/.nix/{blocks,chainstate,peers.dat,banlist.dat}
nixd &

Downloading a bootstrap (optional)

The following instructions assume a VPS running Ubuntu 18.04. Perform this action after stopping the wallet and deleting the files (steps 1 and 2 above). After unzipping the bootstrap file, continue on to step 3.

First, you'll need to install python-pip, gdown, and unzip if they are not already.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install python-pip
sudo -H pip install gdown
sudo apt install unzip

Download and unzip the bootstrap file:

unzip -d ~/.nix

If for whatever reason these steps don't fix your issue, join the Discord server and ask in the public channels only for help. Do not respond to any DMs as scammers might try to trick you into giving them your funds!