Usage Guide

Using the NIX SDK

A list of all possible commands can be found by executing nix-cli help or viewing them on the Console Commands page.

The command method takes a list of parameters and returns the response. For example, this would be a valid way to ghost (and un-ghost) 0.1 NIX and log the response to the console:

//ghost 0.1 NIX and log response
client.command('ghostamountv2', '0.1').then(value => console.log(value));
//un-ghost 0.1 NIX and log response
client.command('unghostamountv2', '0.1').then(value => console.log(value));

Here is a list of the most popular commands. Legend: <required_value>, [optional_value]



ghostamountv2 <amount> [address]

Ghost <amount> NIX [to external CKP].

unghostamountv2 <amount> [address]

Un-ghost <amount> NIX [to external address or CKP].


Get a commitment key pack (CKP) for 2-Way-Ghosting.


Get the current blockchain statistics.


Get the current staking statistics.

sendfrom <from> <to> <amount>

Sends <amount> NIX <from account> <to address>.

sendtoaddress <address> <amount>

Sends <amount> NIX to <address>.

getbalance [account]

Get balance for entire wallet or only one [account].

Please note that you can always execute help <command_name> for a more detailed explanation of the commands:

help getaddressbalance