Governance Proposals

How to create a governance proposal

NIX incorporated its decentralized off-chain governance system on May 25th, 2019. Creating an off-chain governance model allows for a light-weight method of governance by ensuring that users who secure the network have a say in the direction NIX takes. This system prevents unnecessary blockchain data storage while at the same time maintaining transparency.

Whether you are an individual community member suggesting a change in operations or a company looking to exchange services for compensation (or any combination thereof), this is the place to do it.

Once properly submitted, there are 2 requirements that must be met in order for a proposal to pass:

Within 15 days:

  1. At least 50% of all eligible votes are cast.

  2. At least 75% of cast votes are in favor.

Creating A Proposal

The current fee for creating a proposal is 50 NIX, which is to be sent to the NIX development fund address nix1qr7y5gtwrpuadsluk7v2wdn9pwx3s4asf25hcq2

NOTICE: Be sure that exactly 50 NIX is sent to the development fund address by not subtracting the network fee from the transaction amount!

After sending the fee, point your web browser to the proposal submission page and fill in the submission form. This includes:

  • Your name or a title for your proposal

  • Proposal details - 200 character minimum - 10,000 character maximum - No special HTML characters such as bullet points

  • Your NIX address for receiving payment

  • Requested amount of NIX

  • The transaction ID for the 50 NIX proposal fee payment

Proposals should be submitted after at least 3 confirmations of your fee payment. Proposal submission fees are irreversible and there will be no refunding for spam proposals of any kind.

NOTICE: Please remember that approved proposals can only be paid out in NIX. BTC, ETH, ect is not a valid form of payment.

TIP: You can request your payment to be paid as a fixed amount of NIX or fiat equivalency at the time your requested payment is sent. If, for example, you’d rather be compensated with a USD value in NIX, please make sure that requirement is explicitly stated in your proposal.

Tips to get your proposal to pass

By making a submission you are presenting a proposal of improvement to the project stakeholders and/or tendering for development funds. As such, successful proposals are likely to have been well thought out and presented in a clear manner.

  • Creating anonymous proposals is not recommended. Voters like to know who is organizing the proposition.

  • If your proposition is too long for the form, don't cut back on details. Instead, add a link to a Reddit post. Even if your proposition isn't too long for the submission form, a Reddit discussion can be a great help by hosting community questions and answers concerning your idea without getting buried in non-relevant chat.

  • Consider joining the #governance Discord server chat and discussing your idea with the community first. This can help give you an initial reaction and level of interest, along with helping to formulate and refine your idea so that it has the best possible chance to succeed.

  • Support your proposal by getting the word out via social media channels and make yourself available to answer questions in the #governance chat.

Casting Your Vote

Visit the Governance Voting section for details.

More Information

A list of active, accepted and rejected proposals can be found here. Also, you can find a detailed Governance pdf here.