NIX Bridge Token (NBT)

The NIX Bridge Token (NBT) is an ERC20 governance token for the NIX Bridge DAO which allows holders the ability to vote on development in addition to receiving incentives for being a Liquidity Provider.

NBT's presale first took place beginning October 15th, 2020 but was later cancelled due to several issues outside the control of the development team, and all investors in this original presale were refunded. You can read more about the specific problems that were encountered in the article Cancellation of the NBT Presale on

On October 20th, 2020, a new presale went live directly from the NIX website for 48 hours. 35,250 NBT were available beginning at a base rate of 1ETH for 24NBT (about $17 USD per NBT at the time). This updated version also included an adjustment of the "tokenomics" after getting some great feedback from the community.

15,387 NBT's were left unsold and were subsequently burnt.


Name: NIX Bridge Token Ticker: NBT Decimals: 18 Initial Supply: 60,000 Burnt Tokens: 15,387 Total Supply: 44,613 Circulating Supply: 32,613 Inflation Rate: None Transaction Tax: 1% (used to fund liquidity and governance incentives)

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