Network and Coin Specs

Commonly asked about network and coin specifications



BTC 0.17

Mainnet Port


Testnet Port



Proof of Stake/Custom LPoS

Block Time Target

2 minutes

Difficulty Adjustment

Every block, 2 block moving average

Max. Block Size


Est. TPS



Current Supply

~47,400,000 (SEP 2020)

Maximum Supply

102,210,160 (After 40 years)

Staking Reward

~2.6 per block

Development Fund

1.28 per block

Ghostnode Reward *

8.448 per block

Ghostnode Ghost Vault Fee ** (1-way Ghosting)


Ghostnode Vault to Vault TX Fee ** (2-way Ghosting)

.1 Ghosted NIX

*- Node rewards are paid to 1 Ghostnode at a time, repeatedly cycling through the list of active nodes. Currently, this means a Ghostnode owner can expect 2 rewards per day (16.896 NIX). **- Vault fees are pooled and split among all active Ghostnodes on a daily basis.

Inflation/Halving Schedule

Staking rewards are not subject to scheduled reductions, but instead, slowly increase over time until the maximum supply is reached.

Ghostnode and Development rewards are halved every 4 years, with the first one expected to happen in June/July 2022.

Overall inflation is approximately 3 million NIX per year.

Live Network Stats

Live data and network stats can be found here on the NIX website.