Participate in the NIX Ecosystem

There are several avenues of acquiring NIX by participating in the NIX ecosystem.

Those include receiving tips from our Discord tip bot, purchasing on exchanges, rewards and fees from a Ghostnode, rewards from staking your coins, becoming an LPoS Merchant and accepting NIX as payment for eCommerce transactions.

Bounties and giveaways may also be available at various times, so please monitor our announcements for future initiatives.

Discord Rain and Tip Bot

Join the NIX Discord chat server and catch some rain and tips from other users by participating in the #ghost-squad chat.

Buying on Exchanges

NIX is currently listed on the following exchanges:

Ghost Node Rewards

Ghost Nodes receive a percentage of all block rewards as well as privacy transaction fees.

Staking Rewards

NIX is Proof of Stake (PoS) coin and allows holders of any amount to stake their coins in order to receive rewards. You can either stake your coins directly from your own supported wallets or easily create a smart contract with an LPoS provider.

Offering LPoS Services

With NIX's Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS), you can host and maintain a service which will allow you to stake coins on the behalf of other people for which you can collect a percentage of the rewards as a fee.

Accept NIX for Merchant Services

Every eCommerce merchant is now able to accept NIX as payment currency. To make this more accessible, NIX is featured on SwirlPay and has also released an Add-On for WooCommerce.