A Brief History

NIX was first announced on April 29, 2018 alongside a partnership with Blocknet.

At NIX, we believe in more than just creating exciting technology. We believe in targeting what the cryptocurrency space needs, and with that, enabling other communities and projects which have that same vision. Working with Blocknet to help integrate and develop their DEX API into the NIX platform will push this vision. We are very excited to be creating NIX and look forward to collaborating with Blocknet in helping using their technology.

Matt @jackieboy — NIX Lead Developer.

Having never been an ICO token, the NIX mainnet debuted as a lyra2rev2 Proof of Work UTXO blockchain which went live on June 27th, 2018 with the genesis block coinbase phrase of "SEC declares Bitcoin a non security 06/07/2018".

NIX began with an initial circulating supply of 38,000,000. This initial supply was distributed to the community via a claimed faucet to those who held Zoin (now known as Noir) at Zoin block #297800 at a ratio of 2:1 NIX to Zoin, in addition to securing the initial development fund.

Since then, the NIX team has established a trend of rapid and successful development of technology and improvements, often delivering roadmap milestones earlier than anticipated while at the same time adding a couple of extra releases along the way.

Completed Development Milestones